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Photo Gallery
Click on the photo thumbnails below to download the hi-resolution version. Notice: Some of these photos are over 2MB in size and may take a while to download if you are using a dial-up connection.

Gourd Art by Marilyn Sunderland

Thousands of people come from across the country.

Gourd Art by
Marilyn Sunderland

Gourd Art Classes run the 3 days prior to the festival

Customers select gourds
during the 2006 Festival.

A Student learns to incorporate pyrography, or "wood burning" on her gourd

Gourd Art by
The Browning House

Selecting gourds.

Gourd purse by Heidi Sanger

Gourd Art by Rae Russell

Gourd Art by
Marilyn Sunderland

Doug Welburn inspects the gourd crop.
Gourd Jewelry


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