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The very popular annual Gourd Art Festival held at Welburn Gourd Farm in Fallbrook, CA celerated it's final show in June 2011. After 15 great shows, tens of thousands of visitors, hundreds of amazing gourd artists exhibits, gourd art competitions, live entertaiment, and so much more, it was time to redirect our focus and so the annual festival was discontinued.

We share in some very fond memories with all our visitors, exhibitors, and especially our staff members who always worked extra hard to make our shows something special.

"First time ever at a gourd festival...Absolutely blew me away...I had so much fun watching people get excited over the art." - Caroll G. Loomis, Toledo, ORshopping

art(Pictured left, gourd art by Lynn Tyrell)

"Fantastic! I love to attend every year...I travel about 200 miles one way to attend and would not miss it!"
-Sandra Heinig, California City, CA




(Pictured below, Carved gourd vessel inlayed with precious
stone by Denny Wainscott. Valued at $12,00)

Pat Boyd

“Pick’in Up Sticks” gourd art by Patricia Boyd. Valued at $1,600.

Denise Meyers
Carved and painted gourd art by Denise Meyers. Valued at $5,000.

peacock gourd
Carved and Painted gourd art by Daniel Montano. Valued at $1,500.

To see more incredible artwork visit the photo gallery page -- click here!


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